NYC marathon course notes by Miles with Description & Elevation Change

I have run the NYC marathon in 2013, am running it again this year 2014. Here are some notes from my training runs on the course; combined with some info from the web.

The 26.2 mile course and elevation profile

Click to access TCSNYCM14CourseMap.pdf

My description for the level of inclinations, is as per my understanding and feel for the course on the day(s) I was running it. It could be every individual could feel the same inclination differently.

Level 0 Flat Road
Level 1 Slight uphill
Level 2 Crying it loud, when you start feeling the hill
Level 4 Paterson Plank, Jersey City uphill level
Level 5 Newark Avenue, Jersey City uphill level

Mile Description with Elevation Change Effort Level (1 is average effort for whole race) you can multiply to get mile pace
0-1 Start uphill Midpoint of Verrazano Bridge (uphill +174′) 1.085
1-2 downhill Verrazano Bridge Exit Ramp (downhill -200′) to 4th Ave. (slight uphill) 0.937
2-3 Brooklyn is mostly Flat till 8th mile, On 4th Ave. to 81st St. 0.990
3-4 Flat road On 4th Ave. to 63rd St. 0.990
4-5 Flat road On 4th Ave. to 43rd St. 0.988
5-6 Flat road On 4th Ave. to 22nd St. (slight downhill) 0.985
6-7 Flat road On 4th Ave. to 3rd St. 0.987
7-8 Flat road To Lafayette Ave. 0.995
8-9 unexpected Level 2 Inclination of 0.5 mile and downhill On Lafayette Ave (uphill first 1/2 mile) 1.013
9-10 mostly flat On Bedford Avenue to Hayward Street (slight downhill) 0.980
10-11 Inclination Level 1 of 0.5 mile On Beford to South Third St. 1.016
11-12 downhill On Bedford to Manhattan Ave. 0.987
12-13 Flat road Manhattan Ave/Pulaski Bridge ramp 0.998
13-14 Bridge is 0.2 mile Level 4.5 inclination Pulaski Bridge (+30′ maybe much more) then is Vernon Blvd. 0.990
14-15 Queens is Flat road Vernon Blvd. to Queensboro Bridge entrance ramp 0.990
15-16 Bridge is 0.4 mile gradual uphill Level 4 inclination Queensboro Bridge (+110′) 1.068
16-17 initial downhill then from 64th to 84th uphill and downhill every 4-5 streets Queensboro Bridge exit ramp to 1st Ave. 0.980
17-18 84th to 95 all downhill and then Flat road On 1st Ave. to 95th St. 0.990
18-19 Flat road On 1st Ave. to 115th St. 0.990
19-20 Bridge is 0.2 mile Level 4.5 inclination, up & down ramp is another 0.2 miles On 1st Ave. to Willis Ave. Bridge 0.992
20-21 Flat road & Madison Ave Bridge is very little uphill 🙂 137th St./138th St. to Madison Ave. Bridge 0.997
21-22 downhill ramp and flat after that On 5th Ave. to 120th St. 0.992
22-23 Flat On 5th Ave. to 102nd St. 1.000
23-24 Tough Level 2 inclination grows on you outside park 110 St to 90th St 5th Ave. to Central Park, E. Dr. (uphill first 1/2 mile) 1.032
24-25 Up and down in park, downs are nice On Central Park, E. Dr. to 66th St. 1.007
25-26 Up and down in park, downs are nice Central Park E. Dr. to 59th St. to Central Park W. Dr. at 62nd St. 1.017
26-26.2 Level 3, sharp uphill to finish next to Sheep meadow Uphill to finish line at Tavern on the Green 1.018

Happy Running!


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